How to Setup and use CCC True Integration

Author: Steve Childs Reference Number: AA-02828 Created: 2021-10-26 08:08 Last Updated: 2022-01-28 09:39 0 Rating/ Voters


To be able to integrate with CCC True, Customers, Items, and FTP settings must be set up.


STEP 1 - Customers

  1. Request Customer IDs from CCC.
  2. Match them with your Company's Customer IDs.
  3. Go to Customer details > API, click Import 3rd Part Mapping Data, download the template and enter the matched Customer IDs then Import.

STEP 2 - Items

  1. OEM Numbers must have values.
  2. List price > 0
  3. Enter the Part Quality Code.
    • AM - Aftermarket
    • OO - Opt OEM
    • RC - Reconditioned
    • RM - Remanufactured
  4. ECommerce should be active. (See Item Details)
  5. Quantity in Stock > 0

STEP 3 - CCC Integration Settings

  1. General Settings
    • Acquire your Supplier ID from CCC.
    • Enter your Company's information.
    • Fall back Customer: All orders from Customers that are NOT in your Company's system will not be discarded but will be designated to the Fall back Customer. (You can create a Customer record dedicated as the Fall back Customer)
  2. Part Type Code Mapping
    • Enter Quality Code from CCC then enter your equivalent Quality Code for your parts. (See the Quality Code Field on the Item Detail screen)
  3. Delivery Area Zip Codes
    • Export the file template.
    • Enter all the Zip Codes of areas that you cater then Import.
  4. Warehouses
    • Enter your Warehouse information. (Warehouse code must be the same with the code on your Warehouse settings)
  5. File Transfer Settings
    • Coordinate with CCC to get the FTP connection settings.
    • Sample
      • File Transfer Host:
      • File Transfer Port: 22
      • File Transfer Protocol: SFTP
      • File Transfer Encryption: Normal
      • File Transfer User: Username
      • File Transfer Password: Password

Downloading Files or Sending Files via FTP

Go to Sales > Integrations > CCC True, select Download (Default) then click the Export button to download the files. Select FTP to transfer the files directly to CCC server from 1Place. If your web browser does not allow you to download ALL 5 files, go to your Web Browser Settings>Security and Privacy>Site Settings > Pop-ups and Redirects then add '' to allowed pop-ups.