Sales Quotes Screen - User How To's

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Overview of the Sales Quotes Screen

'Quotes screen' is a comprehensive screen that stores and displays every significant information about a Quote transaction all on one screen.  It is divided into four (4) main sections to organize data and functions:

  • Main Fields (section)  
    • Bill To - The entity who will pay for the order.
    • Ship To - The entity who will receive the order.
    • Quotation # - Record numbering type can be set at Settings>System>Record Numbering as manual, sequential or date format.
    • Sales Order # - The Sales Order related to the Quote.
    • Expiration Date - Determines when the Quote expires. 
    • Type of Quote
    • Warehouse -  Where items will come from before delivery to customers.
    • Quote Date - The date the Quote was created.
    • Customer PO # - The Purchase Order # on the Customer's purchase document. (Optional) For document tracking purposes.
    • Entered By - Creator of the Quote.
    • Payment Terms - Payment terms and conditions you set as the seller. Pre-define your Payment Terms settings according to your company set conditions. Go to Settings>Sales>General Sales Settings>Payment terms (section).
    • Sales Rep The Sales Representative who communicated the sale.
    • Order Source Where an order originated from.
    • Shipped Via The shipping method.
    • Contact
    • Email
    • Job ID - The Job record related to the Quote.

  • Add/Edit Line Item (section)
    • Audit Log  icon - Lets you view all updates (and details) made on this section.
    • Gear  icon - Click to view all Column Filters on this section. You may check/uncheck to show/hide these fields.
    • Double Arrow Down  icon - Click to show Line 2 fields.
    • Double Arrow Up  icon - Click to hide Line 2 fields.
    • Commit Line Item  button - Click to validate and save any data input or changes on the Add/Edit Line Item table. This button turns red when you need to do so. 
  • Tabs (section) - see below.
    • Comments - Put any notes related to this quote.
    • Payment Info
    • Pictures
    • Custom Fields - Set your customized fields at Settings (gear icon, top right corner) > Custom Fields.
    • Related Back Orders
    • Other
  • Footer (section)
    • New (button) - To create a new Sales Quote record.
    • Delete (button) - To delete that Quote screen. 
    • Refresh (button)
    • Create Sales Order (button) - To auto create Sales Order related to this quote.
    • Send Email (button) - To easily send email about this quote to your clients.
    • Print (button) - To print this quote. Can set needed print copies and various settings according to your requirements.
    • Follow Up (button)
    • Function (button)
    • Save  (button) - To save the actions/changes made on that screen.
    • Help  (button) - Leads you to self-help articles about the Sales Order screen.
    • Close  (button) - To close that screen.