Items - How to Build Item Bundles (Assemblies)

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Building Item Bundles/ Assemblies

Definition of Terms

1. Bundle- referred to an assembled item made out of more than 1 component or items;

2. Components- Are items that is need to build a bundle item.

Set Up the Bundle Item

  1.  Create a bundle item. In the Dashboard, Go to Items> Item List Screen> click 'New' tab located at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Add new Product or Service Item screen pops up. Fill in the necessary information. Under the 'Type' field choose 'Bundle (Assembly)' in the drop down list. Once clicked, a pop message will appear. Click OK. 
  3. Display Bundle Components on Sales: 
    • Select Pre-Assembled Bundle- This is where a Bundle is created and put into stock--in advance of the sale--on the Item Detail screen (Bundles tab).
    • Select Auto-Assembled Bundle- When a Sales Transaction is placed (and the Bundled item is out of stock) depending on the selected options in Settings, the user can receive a prompt to 'auto-assemble' the bundle on the fly
    • Editable Bundle: When a Sales Transaction is placed (and the Bundled item is out of stock) depending on the selected options in Settings, the Bundle components can be displayed on a popup screen--and can be 'edited'--before the components are taken out of Stock.
  4. A pop up window will appear Re: Quickbooks does not support creation or editing of Bundle items.... Click OK.
  5. Click 'Add Bundle Components' button. 
  6. 'Item Bundle Components' screen will pop up for you to fill in the components for you to build the bundle
  7. Click 'Close'.
  8. Tick the checkbox if necessary.
  9. Fill in the necessary information.
  10. Click Save. 


Build the Item Bundle

                      Please refer to the screenshot below.

  1.  In the Item List, select the Bundle item you  have just created. It will redirect you to the Item Detail screen, click the 'Bundles (Assemblies) tab.
  2. Click 'Refresh' button to calculate the number of items it could create and its individual cost. Please make sure that the Qty in Stock of each components is greater than Zero.
  3. In the space provided before the word 'Bundle(s)', fill in the number of items to be built.
  4. Click 'Build Bundle' button.
  5. A pop up message will appear once you have successfully created/ bundled an item. Click OK.
  6. Click Save.

                Note: If one of the components have a Zero number in Qty in Stock, 1place will not allow you to build a bundle. (Refer to the screenshot below)