Sales Order Purchase Order Screen - How To's

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  • The Sales Order PO's screen gives users a way to view items on Sales Orders that need to be purchased on a PO.
  •  It is divided into four (4) main sections to organize data and functions:
    • Top fields (section):
      • Show All
      • Select One
      • Bill To
      • Ship To
      • Warehouse
      • Customer (Drop Ship)
    • Sales Order PO's List (table) - columns/fields as follow:
      • Sales Order Date
      • Sales Order #
      • Customer Bill To Name
      • Item Number 
      • Item Description
      • Vendor (Editable field)
      • Qty Ord (Quantity Order)
      • Qty Shp (Quantity Ship)
      • Vendor Cost (Editable field)
      • Extended Cost 
      • SELECT checkbox.  (Editable field)
      • QIS (Quantity in Stock)
      • QBO  (Quantity on Back Order)
      • QO
      • Group (This is the Sales Order line item Group field)
    • Footer (section)
      • Show Item Vendors (button)
      • Refresh (button)
      • Proceed (Show Prebuild Summary)
      • Help (button)
      • Close (button)

Special and Related Tasks

How to Batch Create PO's Using the Sales Order PO Screen

You can use the Sales Order PO's screen to select items and Vendors then batch create PO's that will be linked to the individual Sales Order line items. When making the PO's the user can select the option to create a NEW PO or add the items to an existing PO. This allows a company to have several items on 1 PO rather than multiple PO's.

  • On the Sales Order PO's screen:
    • Select the items.
    • Select the Vendors.
    • Input Vendor Costs.
    • Click on the Proceed (Show Prebuild Summary) button. A Sales Order PO's - Prebuild Summary popup will appear which displays the following columns:
      • Vendor: Shows you which Vendors are related to the selected items on the Sales Order PO's screen.
      • Existing PO: You can select an 'Existing PO' (which will cause the selected items for that Vendor to be 'added' to that existing PO).
        • To do this, you need to uncheck first the Create PO checkbox. Then click the Existing PO drop down button and select an existing PO.
      • PO Total: Shows you a TOTAL amount of each PO's and all PO's that will be made.
      • Create PO checkbox: Leave this checked if you want to create a new PO for the items related to a Vendor.
      • Group: The Sales Order Line Item group field.
    • Click on Create/Add to PO's button.

How to Open the Sales Order PO's Screen

  • You can open the Sales Order PO's screen in these ways:
    • On the Main Menu Bar, click Purchasing > Sales Order PO's, or
    • On the Sales Order screen, click on the Create PO(s) button.

How to Create a Dropship Purchase Order and Invoice

Follow the steps below if you need to fulfill a Sales Order by shipping the items from a Vendor directly to your Customer.

  • On the Sales Order screen of the Dropship Order:
    • Click on Create PO(s) button. This will automatically open the Sales Order Purchase Orders (to create) screen.
  • On the Sales Order Purchase Orders (to create) screen:
    • Tick the circle  icon for Customer (Drop Ship)  found above right of the screen.
    • Select your Vendor from the drop down list.
    • Input Vendor Cost.
    • Click on Proceed (Show Prebuild Summary) button.
    • On the Sales Order PO's - Prebuild Summary popup screen:
      • Click on Create/Add to PO's button.
      • You have just created the Dropship Purchase Order. 

  • Confirm item availability of the item(s) with the Vendor by sending an email (to the Vendor) with PO attachment.