How to increase the MaxLocksPerFile setting

Author: Steve Childs Reference Number: AA-01816 Created: 2011-11-16 14:34 Last Updated: 2011-11-16 15:07 0 Rating/ Voters

Older versions of MS Access tried to limit the MaxLocksPerFile setting in the registry.  By default, this setting may be too long for your environment.  You may even get this error if it is: 'File Sharing Lock Count Exceeded. Increase MaxLocksPerFile Registry Entry.'

 This is how to increase the MaxLocksPerFile in the Windows Registry:

  • Open the RegEdit application.
    • For Windows XP, Windows 2000/2003
      • Click on the Start Button
      • Click Run
      • Enter RegEdit and click OK.
    • For Windows Vista/7/2008
      • Click on the round Vista Start Button
      • In the search box directly above, enter RegEdit and press Enter.
      • When prompted click Continue.
  • In a Windows 32-Bit Operating (for Windows 2008/64-Bit skip to next instruction called 'In a Windows 64-Bit...):
    • Drill down the following tree structure
      • HKey_Local_Machine
        • Software
          • Microsoft
            • Jet
              • 4.0
                • Engines
                  • 4.0
  • In a Windows 64-Bit Operating System (like Windows 2008 Server)
      • SOFTWARE
        • WOW6432Node
          • Microsoft
            • Jet
              • 4.0
                • Engines
                  • Jet 4.0

  • Double click on the MaxLocksPerFile setting.
    • If necessary, change the Base to Decimal
    • Change the value to 99500 and then click OK.
  • Click File, Exit to close the RegEdit application.