OneSource V4 (for Access) Conversion to V4 for SQL - Checklist

Author: Steve Childs Reference Number: AA-02813 Created: 2021-08-23 15:20 Last Updated: 2021-08-24 17:13 0 Rating/ Voters
  • Windows Server setup
    • ...
    • ...
    • ...
  • SQL Server Setup

  • Data Conversion
    • All known tables and fields (from past conversions)...
    • ...
    • Sales Order LineItems!ItemPickedDateTime and ItemPickedBy must be brought over with table conversion (along with Picked Date/Time)
    • If there is an osoo user in the sql logins list, ensure it still has access and permissions to the database after the final conversion
  • OneSource (Final Steps)
    • ...
    • Move Custom Queries?
    • Move Pictures?
  • Developers Setup to Help Julian do osOO Setup
    • Tell Julian we are getting ready to convert.
    • Tell Julian if they are switching from the Non [Net Price] [Line Total] version to the version with those fields
    • Copy over C:/Inetpub/wwwroot to the new server
    • Copy osOnlineOrders.mdb (usually in C:\Onesource\data) to the new server
  • osOnlineOrders (scan, B2B,CCC,PartsTrader,OPSTracks,APU etc) Setup
    • Install IIS and convert services to applications on the server
    • Update config files if the directories have changed
    • Open port and point to 80 on the server
    • On the Azure osOO server, change the B2B, PartsTrader, CCCRouter and Scan settings to point to new url/ip address
    • Notify CCC, OPS or APU of new IP/URL as needed
    • Setup osoo user for SQL Server with permissions to access the new osCompData (or whatever its named if not that)
    • Add ODBC SQL Authentication connection to server using above osoo user
    • Re-link/re-point to the newly made ODBC
    • Test each individual service.
    • ...
  • osOnlineOrders Last Minute Steps/Changes to Settings
    • Plan final cutover date with Julian....
    • ...
    • ...