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The Simple Search form allows you to easily search for virtually any type of data within OneSource.

Opening the Simple Search screen

Open the Simple Search form using any of the following methods:

  • Press one of the F keys on your keyboard (available keys are F2-F12).
  • Select a Find... option from either the Find menu or any other menu (i.e. Sales menu).
  • Press the Find button located on many of the forms within OneSource (i.e. the Invoice screen).

Simple Search screen - Basics

  • Data Type:  The data type combo box is used for choosing the type of data you would like to search for.
  • Search By:  The search by combo box is used for choosing the type of field you would like to search on given the chosen data type.
  • Starts With:  This is where you type in your search criteria.
  • Search For:  The search for combo box is used for displaying the results of your search criteria.  Once you have located what you are searching for, press Enter or click the item in the drop down list to select the item.
  • Use First Letter Searching:  By placing a check in this box, you will be able to filter your searching by the values you type in the 'Starts With' field.  For example, if you wanted to search through all the customers that have last names beginning with 'B', then you would check this box, type the letter 'B' in the 'Starts With' field, and press Enter.  You will then see a list of customers that have a last name beginning with 'B' in the 'Search For' combo box.

Simple Search screen - Refined Search

The refined search option offers many useful tools for finding data.